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There is in old house in the country on an island in the middle of a lake. It had been built in the 1800s No one had lived there for years. Ivy covered the windows doors and the whole home. Around the lake, people were living who had never been to the house.

Strange stories were told about what had happened at this house, rumors that locals had disappeared and people who had gone to the house to hunt for ghosts had never returned. The fear of the house grew amongst the people and no one ever went to the house again. People were not aware that Vampires had been living there for years.

Two high school girls, Rachel and Sarah were interested in the stories about the house so they made a plan to go look for the house. They rented a boat to get to the island. On the boat, both told jokes about who is living in the house, "Jeff killer, Bunny Man, and Thinman" they joked.

When they reached the Island they noticed the trees of the island had a very eerie look. Sarah and Rachel started walking into woods towards the house, suddenly both were overcome with the feeling that something was watching them. While walking in woods they noticed there was not a single animal in woods, not even birds.

Approaching the house they walking up to the door, which was the one part of the house lacking ivy. Rachel kicked in the door and it creaked open. The sun was shining in thru the door as it opened as if sunlight had never touched the floor. The walls remained complete darkness. It reminded them of the game Silent Hill the way the darkness stopped the light. Subsequently, they walked into the darkness in the house.

Rachel was just barely through the doorway of the house, her friend Sarah rushed in fast, and Rachel was right behind. They heard a voice singing "Where are you I am coming to find you". Rachel felt hands grab her neck, she felt a tongue lick her neck and fangs press into her before biting her on the neck. She couldn't see who it was other than their dyed red hair.

Sarah called to Rachel when she noticed the blood running down her neck. The voice started singing again, now they had noticed it had an Irish accent "Where are you going?". Sarah rushed outside away the house to get on the boat. Paddling across as quickly as she could, she soon got close to the mainland. Sarah saw her friends near a pump house nearby lake shore. Sarah called to her friends to bring a phone, then she told what happened to Rachel.

Sarah did not see David near the shore with Kevin, Jeff, Christine, Nick, Shelly, Amanda, and Stephan. They took Sarah back to the island and all the way into the house.

Rachel was still bleeding from her neck and had fallen unconscious. She was propped up in a golden chair right by the hallway. Rachel barely able to speak said to them "STOP THE KILLERS PLEASE". Rachel tried to get off the chair to walk, but she had lost so much blood she couldn't stand and instead fell down into her own blood.

A man stood behind Sarah he grabbed her body, with the same Irish accent spoke into her ear "You see your friend? well, I will do same to you! Are you ready for that?" His hand sliding across Sarah's body and slowly up to her neck. He cupped his hand around her neck and showed his fangs, then cocked her neck to the left and licked it before biting down on her neck. The friends in the house stood there watching this man, with green hair and brown eyes, and white as a sheet. Dressed like an old-timey Irish man with his old 1800's coat, blue jeans stained with blood, still grasping Sarah's body.

Sarah managed to break free of the man and started to run away out the house, his hand left hanging blood from her neck. Another man was holding Rachel wasn't able to grab Sarah. Sarah wandered through the woods for a time pondering everything that has happened, in disbelief of it all. After walking ways which must have been at least a mile she calls Nick on her phone, and tells him she is on the island hidden, but hidden outside the house near the window and explains how to find it.

Nick and the others head to the island when they arrive near the window Sarah calls out to them. They can see Rachel bleeding out. Behind the chair, Rachel was on a hand creepily moved up the chair's back they can faintly make out a man with red hair with what can only be described as an evil smile. The man turned his head towards them clearly showing the blood on his teeth. He sat down with his legs crossed and said "My name is Mark, my friend over there is Jack. Now, who are all  you people in my house with my...."

Suddenly David rushed upstairs toward Rachel's body. Christine asking "who are you David and WHAT IS THIS WHAT IS HELL THIS?". David turned around faced to Christine. Mark was holding Rachel in the chair, leaned the chair forward dumping out her body, swiftly picked up the body sat in the chair.

David walks to Rachel. Meanwhile Nick was still looking for the window Sarah described. David asked Mark "Are you ready to change this one into one of your kind?". "Who is this in my arms" Mark said looking at Rachel. David replied "her name is Rachel

Mark came up to stand up with Rachel in his arms and say to Jack “go to find the other girls, if any of her friends in still at house”. David moved almost as if by magic, and all the wires in the walls and twisted into the form of a chair and large table. Mark walked to the summoned chair put Rachel in it and tied her to the chair. He set a camera looking over her. Mark turned the camera towards Rachel, walking behind her he grabbed two wires and stabbed them into her neck. Both sides of her neck were being shocked with electricity. Rachel’s veins pulsed with the foul energy. Meanwhile Stephanie gave Jeff a dirty look she said "I will help to rescue Rachel from the main group in the house. The lights went out "come into the room " Stephanie goes into the room and the group grabs her and wraps her in a bag. Then he hit her on the back of the head knocking her unconscious. Jeff searched for a light switch to turn on in the meantime, pick up the unconscious baggage Sarah and flies away with her. He then takes her to Rachel, unexpectedly she gets backs up and lands kicks to their faces. Rachel barely manages to get away. Jack brought Sarah in the bag into the room, he set the bag down on floor. Rachel gets outside, she could hear electricity arcing and thought about her arms and legs tied on chair, her body up air and her neck being stabbed by the wires. She thought she was safe but she was grabbed and dragged into the basement. Rachel and Sara were now both tied to table. Sarah’s neck was still tricking blood. Rachel is also bleeding. While they are losing all their blood male and female vampires surrounded them. The vampires performed their dark ritual. Rachel and Sarah had now become vampires. Upstairs David was pacing back and forth, knowing that Stephanie was coming and he was waiting for her to arrive. Suddenly Mark fies in he and says “Stephanie is here”. David replies while rubbing his hands together evily, “the others finally arrived and found Stephanie along with Katie”. They joined the group and David explain is going on, but they don't know about Rachel and Sarah becoming vampires yet. Mark knew that both girls were gone he screamed “FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Mark and Jack. They go to a nightclub to kidnap a teen. When they walked inside it was dark. The large dance floor was covered with dancers. Along the sides of the dance floor there were 2 or 3 small round tables seating up to 4 people. On the left behind the tables was the bar. There were 3 levels on the sides, and railings for people to lean on and watch the dancers while they enjoy private conversations. Meanwhile Nick is looking for Rachel and Sarah at near by nightclub. Jack he is looking for the girls. Jack ran into Jeff. Unknown to them in this nightclub there is vampire hunter named Adam. Rachel and Sarah were not at the Bar anymore. Instead they were devouring someone in one private space of the nightclub, afterwords they walked outside. Jack decided to use a spell to make Rachel and Sarah kidnap for them, then meet them in the house near the school. They stayed at the house near by school. Nick looked down out of the window and saw David, he spun around and tells Rachel to go downstairs and get Sarah. Jeff opened the door of the house and David follow Jeff him inside. Rachel, Sarah and Katie had a spell cast upon them to make them fall asleep. David picked them up to carry them out of the house. All of a sudden Stephanie pulls a gun out and shoots David in the shoulder. He drops Rachel and runs to the car with Sara. Jeff and Nick appear in the room, Katie ducks out of sight while David looks around the room. He began to count "one, two, hmmmm...”. He snapped his fingers and summoned a tornado into the room using dark magic. He look at Nick and says “yes”. He starts to levitate and just hovers in mid air. “Helpless Brian, he is a zombie” David he said to Brian. He handcuffs him to the wall. Rachel is still asleep Nick looks at her and says "what are we going to do with her?" David moves in a magical way, just sort of sliding across the room. Nick then sees Katie and silently signals quiet to Christine. He sneaks up behind Katie. put one hand over her mouth and one around her waist. Silently he takes her away down through the floor. He take her into the presence of the Ultimate King of Dark Magic AJ. King AJ uses nick body. Back upstairs David taps his fingers together malignantly "what are we going do with Rachel in the house…. hmmm. AJ come here”. “what?” AJ says approaching to David they look at house. Sarah and Rachel are still under the spell, Stephanie has been watching from windows with a crossbow in her hand. Peering inside she can see them rise up from the depths of hell, the dark figures and one ultimate demonic being. David calls out to Stephanie. Stephanie quietly comes down the stairs, crossbow in hand. She shoots Brian and pins him to the wall. Brian rips the arrow out of his body. Brian now in a fit of rage charges at Stephanie. She stabs at him. Brian whispers “AJ says good-bye”. Suddenly the dark figures disappear. Stephanie calls out to jeff “come down”. “Okay” he says. They use their dark magic to summon Nick’s body back to the house. Nick sweeps his arm over Rachel, she awakened when Katie died down below. Nick had absorbed her life force and given it to Rachel. When she woke she asked "who are you?" He replied that he is the King of Dark Magic AJ. Rachel says "so, you are the King of Dark Magic AJ, but who am… but… who am I???”. AJ asked David “who was that that popped up through the floor?” Mark flies in the window but Mark’s hair is no longer red, it’s black. Rachel is still confused about who these guys in the room are. David questions Mark about his hair they tell her she is Calhoun. Rachel asks "who is he?" as she points to the guy near the wall. AJ says "that is David" Rachel is still a little afriad of AJ and the name Calhoun. It doesn't feel right. When told David’s name she gets a sense of relief. Rachel is overwhelmed with the urge to get out the house. Rachel gets up to leave, but AJ grabs her arm to stop her. Rachel starts to panic and fight him off. Mark comes over to help AJ by grabbing her other arm. Rachel does a back flip, lands in a split, and does a spinning swipe with her legs, knocking their feet right out from under them. She jumps back up and lands right on their faces. Rachel rushes to get away, she gets outside, wondering the streets in darkness. David follows her, and tries to grab her again, but she bites his finger. Suddenly she falls down. David tries to pick her up, but Rachel kicks him as hard as she can. David falls back and Rachel gets up and runs away. Aj appears out of no where and grabs her, swiftly he takes her back to David. Sarah appears with her crossbow loaded with a wooden stake and shouts “let her go!” Rachel wonders to herself, “who is that girl”. Nick jumps out distracting Sarah, and AJ takes the opportunity to throw Rachel to Nick. AJ then casts a petrify spell on Sarah and takes the crossbow away. Nick takes Rachel back to David and AJ and grabs Sarah and follows...


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